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When winter hits the Greater Delaware Ohio region, winter attic bats use warm attics to colonize and hibernate. Ohio’s winter attic bats don’t move to warmer climates during cold weather and generally hibernate in Delaware Ohio attics from late October to early April.

Just before the colder months, you may see winter attic bats coming and going from gaps in your attic area, which means you must respond immediately and address your winter attic bats before they cause extensive damage.

At Bat Removal Delaware Ohio, our experienced bat removal experts have extensive experience excluding attic bats before the cold weather hits the Greater Delaware, Ohio area. So we suggest that you consider calling our Delaware Ohio bat exclusion experts at (844) 544-9453 (WILD) and set up a full inspection of your home or business.

So let’s take a few minutes of your time, and we’ll explain to you some of the issues you may face if you miss a possible bat infestation taking place right now.

Winter Attic bats often hide inside areas covered by insulation so they are often not visible.

During Ohio’s colder months attic bats will hide inside insulation and not be visible as in the instance above.

Winter Attic Bats Can Move Around Your Home

Once in your attic, hibernating winter attic bats may work their way into your living spaces, depending on the degree of warmth in your attic. Winter attic bats become more active if your attic temperatures increase as you turn up your thermostat.

During this activity, bats may start moving about repositioning themselves deeper into your attic insulation, so you may hear the sounds of squeaking bats or bats scratching the walls as they move to a new space.

Also, if there are gaps in your attic that enable bats to move from the attic to living areas, there is a high probability that bats in your attic may get into your living spaces and even into your basement if you have one.

Bats can get through gaps as small as a dime, so sealing off these openings is a must, and usually, a trained eye is necessary to spot these openings that tend to be “invisible” or hidden from the untrained eye.

To remove winter attic bats from your attic, our Delaware Ohio bat removal experts strategically install One-Way Bat Valves that humanely allow bats to escape without harm but not allow bats to return.

To exclude bats we use one-way Bat Valves that allow bats to leave your attic but they cannot return.

Damage Caused By Delaware Ohio Winter Attic Bats

Most Ohio residents and business owners incorrectly think when bats hibernate in Ohio buildings, they sleep throughout their hibernation period. Ohio’s winter attic bats more or less rest throughout the winter, will often wake, and will often leave their roost for a quick run outside for water or, if lucky enough, find an insect here and there for nourishment.

During a dramatic Oho winter warming event, bats will awake and get quite active and increase their rate of pooping and peeing and begin moving not only outside the home for short periods but also inside a home. We start getting calls from distressed Dayton, Ohio homeowners regarding a bat or bats flying throughout their living spaces during these warming trends.

When we arrive to remove a bat from inside a homeowner’s living space, that’s when we do a further inspection and often discover bats, generally Big Brown Bats, have infested an attic where they have produced a considerable amount of damage in the form of feces and urine. Generally, if we find large amounts of guano and urine in your attic, that means that bats have been living there for more than just the winter months.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Our Delaware Ohio Bat Removal technicians found piles of urine-saturated bat guano in this building’s attic due to a colony of winter attic bats taking refuge during Ohio’s cold winter months. We provided a full attic restoration due to the extensive mess and health concerns.

Health Concerns Created By Delaware Ohio Winter Attic Bats

Many types of wildlife get into Delaware, Ohio attics in the winter, but winter attic bats happen to be one of the most unpleasant. Bat invasions are not just scary for most homeowners since they can create costly damage to your property and health problems to boot.

Urine-soaked bat guano in your attic can carry the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. As accumulated bat guano dries, the powdered guano breaks down, becomes airborne, and moves into living spaces. When inhaled, these fine particles can give you a lung infection called Histoplasmosis, causing severe health consequences.

As a bat guano pile enlarges in an attic, it contaminates insulation, as seen in the photos below. Once guano soaks into your attic’s insulation and structure below the insulation, it leaves a nasty smell that can spread throughout a home. Only a professional decontaminating agent removes all potential health issues, while fogging agents remove all odors. And in many cases, winter attic bats contaminate an attic so severely that a complete attic restoration is the only solution.

So if you have seen any bats flying around your Dayton, Ohio home or buildings, please take the time to call us at (844) 544-9453 (WILD) and we’ll arrange a full home bat inspection that can save not only money but also minimize those winter blues that come from winter bat attics.