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Bat Removal Shawnee Hills Ohio

Did You Go Into Your Old Attic Recently And See A Bat Flying Around? If So, More Than Likely You Have More Than One Bat In Your Shawnee Hills Building. Call (844) 544-9453 And We Can Get Our Certified, Licensed, Insured Bat Exclusion Experts To Do A Full Inspection For As Little As $199.00.

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We Also Perform Bat Removal In The Great Ohio Communities Of Ashley, Delaware, Dublin, Galena, Kilbourne, Lewis Center, Ostrander, Powell, Radnor and Sunbury.

Shawnee Hills Ohio Bat Problems Usually Exist If Bats Are Landing On Your Rooftops!

Over ten different species of bats roam the skies of Ohio though usually only two species, the Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats, enter Shawnee Hills attics or buildings. These two Shawnee Hills insectivorous bats eat flying insects and eat their body weight during their nightly feeding frenzies.

Given the ecological value and dwindling numbers of these two bats, the state of Ohio makes the extermination of a bat illegal except under very exceptional conditions. Only an unethical company would exterminate bats, and under no circumstances will our Shawnee Hills bat exclusion team kill bats.

It’s true, the little brown bat and big brown bat provide Shawnee Hills property owners excellent insect control, pollinate their plants, and disperse valuable seeds through their guano. But once these bats enter your buildings, they can cause damage inside walls, attic spaces, and even indoor living spaces. Also, piles of dried bat guano can contain spores that can get into dust when breathed by humans can cause severe lung disease. In addition, bloodsucking parasitic bat mites living on bats can move into your living spaces and end up on you or your pets.

If you have seen bats flying around the rooftops of your buildings, our Shawnee Hills Bat Control Team would suggest you consider an inspection of your home or business, ensuring you have no bats present. Call (844) 544-9453 and one of our knowledgeable and friendly office managers will set up a convenient time so our Shawnee Hills bat removal specialists can inspect your home or commercial building.

We Are A Highly Experienced Family Run, Ohio Based Bat Exclusion Company!

If you’ve found or think bats have invaded your Shawnee Hills home or property, contact a professional bat exclusion company like our Shawnee Hills Bat Control Crew, a division of the well-regarded Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Our Shawnee Hills Bat Specialists training exceeds current standards, and our bat knowledge is second to none in Ohio. Our Bat Control team follows all state and federal guidelines and carries all necessary certifications, licenses, and of course, insurance that protects you, your building, and our employees.

Many people make the mistake of hiring the wildlife control company that gives the lowest price on a home bat inspection or try to solve bat problems on their own. The lowest bat inspection price does not equate to the quality of work, the years of on-the-ground bat experience, or the necessary continuing education on bats and bat control science, enabling efficient and effective bat exclusion. On numerous occasions, our bat experts get called in to repair and seal gaps that another so-called bat removal company left open, leading to more bat incursions.

Our Shawnee Hills bat excluders specialize in humane bat removal using scientifically based bat prevention. We own a large fleet of well-equipped vehicles, vacuuming systems, blow-in insulation machines, safety equipment, and aerial lifts that allow us to perform a complete professional bat exclusion.

Our Shawnee Hills Bat eviction team knows that when it comes to removing bats, preventing bat destruction, and alleviating your panic due to a bat flying in your living quarters, you want help as soon as possible! We commit to do everything in our power when the situation is dire to get to you the same day.

Call us today at (844) 544-9453 and we promise not only to remove all bats from your Shawnee Hills buildings we’ll also secure your building, so bats stay out! If nuisance bats invade your facilities, you can trust us to take care of you, your family, your pets, your customers, or your employees while we do the professional bat exclusion you not only want but expect!

Call Our Shawnee Hills Bat Eviction Team At  (844) 544-9453

“I Saw A Bat Fly Out Of Our Gable Vent, Then Another? We Need Help!” Don’t Worry We Can Help You! Here’s What You Get With Our Bat Removal Service.

Step 1: Our Shawnee Hills Bat Sleuths Examine Your Building Inside and Outside Then Assemble A Bat Extraction Plan For You

Our Shawnee Hills Bat Inspection team needs to provide a full-service home inspection inside and outside your home or commercial building so we can identify your nuisance bat problem, assuming bats are your issue.

We’ll explore the inside of your building from basement to attic, and if there are bats inside, we will find them, guaranteed! Also, if you have bats, your building will have bat access points outside via cracks, gaps, vents, chimneys, soffits, fascia, and other unusual areas.

Our Bat sleuths will locate every bat entry point and every bat in your building, and we guarantee it! So let’s recap for clarification.

  • If there are bats in your building they can’t hide from us. We’ll give you an estimate of the number of bats in the building, if any, the type of bats, and whether you have females nursing babies.
  • We guarantee we’ll locate every place bats have entered your home or commercial building.
  • Our Shawnee Hills bat master will design a plan for effective and efficient removal of the bats without causing harming any bats in the process.
  • Once we remove all the bats, our crew does a deeper analysis of the roosting areas and determines all the damage and contamination.
  • One of our Shawnee Hill Bat experts will take the time to explain what we located, show you images, explain the troubles and the scope of charges, give a reasonable date for finishing the job, make changes if you so choose, and then have we’ll both sign a contract.
A Shawnee Hills Bat Removal Exclusion expert doing a repair.
At times bats get into the minor gaps, and we have to get up high and closely examine holes as small as a dime. An experienced team like ours will find every entrance since we’ve seen it all.
A small group of bats in an a Shawnee Hills attic.
If you have many bats, they could be roosting in several areas in a building though usually in walls and an attic. Many of these areas are not visible to the untrained eye like bats getting inside walls. But we’ll find them, don’t worry!
A pile of bat guano in a Shawnee Hills Ohio building.
This photo shows a nasty mess of huge piles of bat guano in an attic. The odor in this attic was horrible, and the air was unhealthy to breathe, as you can tell from the mask worn on one of the bat guano cleanup crew.

Ready To Get A Bat Inspection. Call (844) 544-9453 Now.

Start Here -Step 2: How We Perform a Harmless Bat Removal From A Building

Sending out Shawnee Hills bat exclusion team into a building and physically capturing bats would never succeed because bats can hide in areas like an inside wall. And if we could reach the bats, it would be impossible to pluck them out one by one or use butterfly nets to capture them n flight. So what is the intelligent approach to removing bats from a building?

In our case, we use the Bat Valve, a one-way bat excluding device that efficiently, permanently, and harmlessly removes bats in the shortest time. We screw in the Bat Valve, as seen below in our photos, at the locations where bats leave the building. The Bat Valve’s construction allows the bats to leave but prevents them from re-entering.

It takes experts eyes and years of experience like our Shawnee Hills bat excluders to locate every gap bats use for exiting since an opening no bigger than 18 to 19 mm allows bats into a building. Our crew will repair and seal all, except a few, of these bat exits points, and on the few remaining open, we place the Bat Valve.

Usually, within 3 to 7 days, all bats will exit the building searching for flying insects on which to feed. During that time, we monitor the Bat Valves, and once all activity ceases, we check the roosting area to make sure all bats have left, and then and only then do we remove the Bat Valves and seal the gaps.

Our Shawnee Hills Bat Removal expert is installing the Bat Valve SG3 used for Soffit Returns, Gable Vents, and more.

One of our Shawnee Hills bat exclusion employees just finished putting up the TBV-SG3 Bat Valve into an almost invisible gap within the chimney space between the chimney and wall of the building. 

Our Shawnee Hills Bat Removal expert installed the Bat Valve TBV-FR4 used for Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.
We use the Bat Valve model TBV-FR4 along Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps. We found a gap under this frieze board, another opening only an expert and experienced eye would locate.
Our Shawnee Hills Bat Removal pro installed the Bat Valve TBV-FLEX2 used for Corner Gaps And Are Versatile And Flexible.

The above Bat Valve TBV FLEX 2 designed for corner gaps when elasticity is needed worked great in this instance. The professional look of the Bat Valve is also easy on the eye.

Need a Bat Master – Call (844) 544-9453

Step 3: Removing Bat Soiled Materials, Followed By Cleansing, Sanitizing, And Deodorizing

If a large number of bats roost in a building for some time, they will leave large amounts of guano(bat poop), even piles, and soak floors, insulation, and walls with their urine. If left, guano and urine give off a terrible odor that can move into living and working spaces and create unhealthy air to breathe. But there are even more health-related issues we explain below.

  1. Bat guano often houses mold that contains a spore when released into the air then breathed can produce a lung disease called Histoplasmosis. Please remove bat guano as soon as possible!
  2. Just like dogs, cats, and other wildlife life like mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons carry fleas, bats carry their little parasitic bug called a “bat mite.” These little blood-sucking creatures can spread throughout a building, land, and live on human and pet hosts. Nasty, nasty, nasty!
  3. Physical damage from bats happens when bat urine and moist feces bathe flooring, sheetrock and can even leak through the wall floor gaps, soiling walls, and ceilings within living and working spaces.
  4. Bat urine and feces can quickly soak into attic insulation, permanently damaging and contaminating the insulation, so its R-Value becomes almost useless and must be replaced
  5. Air pollution for the mixture of bat guano and bat urine will permeate the air and get infused into wood, sheetrock, and any other objects in the area.

Once our Shawnee Hills bat cleanup crew reaches this stage of bat exclusion, they will eradicate any bat mites, remove bat guano and contaminated insulation, repair damaged materials like sheetrock or wood flooring, and more, as explained below.

If a bat infestation is severe, we may have to perform an attic renovation, which means:

  1. We vacuum out all guano and contaminated material like insulation and bag and safely carry out those materials we can’t vacuum.
  2. Our team will wash and decontaminate all floors, walls, ceilings, and any other surfaces.
  3. We spray a mist of biodegradable, safe mist throughout the space, which permanently removes all unpleasant odors from every surface, leaving a fresh scent and safe air for breathing.
  4. Last comes the fluffy blown-in insulation with a high R-Factor allowing you to save on your heating and cooling costs.
Our Shawnee Hills Bat Removal Experts faced this mess insulation solied by bat guano.

Any bat guano and urine-soaked insulation must be removed for your health as well as maintaining heating and cooling efficiency.

Our Shawnee Hills Bat Removal team entered an area of this attic filled with bat guano.

A colony of bats left a massive amount of guano and urine throughout this attic. Our Shawnee Hills bat cleanup crew found this attic in a highly unhealthy state.

A very large pile of bat guano that had to be removed from this building.

This guano cleanup was vital to the health of this building. The large piles of bat guano contained harmful mold spores, which started floating in the dust in the air. These spores can create a serious lung disease called histoplasmosis.

Our Shawnee Hills Attic Restoration team had a huge vacumming job in this attic. Guano everywhere.

We use highly efficient HEPA vacuum systems which remove any loose contaminated materials. Our vacuum systems allow us to remove materials at a high rate of speed, saving us time and saving you money.

Our Shawnee Hills Attic Restoration team made this attic clean like new.

This attic looked fantastic after our Shawnee Hills cleanup crew washed and decontaminated all surfaces, then added the final touch by fogging the area with a biodegradable mist which permanently removes all odors leaving a healthy space.

Our Shawnee Hills Attic Restoration team blew in some high R factor insulation.

Our crew did a bang-up job with this blown-in insulation bringing this attic space up to more than adequate R-Factor specs saving this customer on energy costs.

Need A Full Attic Restoration? Call (844) 544-9453

Our Shawnee Hills F.A.Q.’S

Did you know bats are the only flying mammal? Or, did you know there are 40 species of bats in the United States? How about this amazing fact: bats make up one-fourth of all mammals! The good people of Shawnee Hills have asked other questions so let’s answer them.

Is it true that bats hunt insects by radar?
No, a bat doesn’t use radio waves; it uses echolocation. A bat generates sound waves called ultrasound which is beyond human hearing. The emitted sound waves bounce off objects in their environment return to the bat’s uniquely designed ears that reflect the type of objects in the environment.
Is it good to have bats on my Shawnee Hills property?

Yes, but only if your home is properly sealed so bats can’t enter. Bats are voracious eaters of flying insects, especially those pesky summer mosquitoes that torture your evening outdoor Shawnee Hills gatherings. 

Why can't you just exterminate the bats in my attic and be done with it?
Bats are essential to Ohio’s ecosystem, just like honey bees, declining in numbers. Bats pollinate plants, disperse seeds in their guano, and keep insect populations down by eating as much as their body weight during their evening flights.
What is the largest bat in Ohio?
The Hoary Bat is the largest Ohio bat, but it’s rarely seen or captured. These bats live in trees and migrate south before the cold weather hits Ohio. These bats can have a wingspan from 14 to 17 inches.

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