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Bat Removal Powell Ohio

Do You Want Bat Removal Do It Yourself Tips? If So, We Don’t Think It’s A Good Idea And Even Dangerous. You Need An Experienced, Licensed, And Insured Powell Bat Removal Expert. Call Us Now At (844) 544-9453!

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We Also Perform Bat Removal In The Great Communities Of Ashley, Delaware, Dublin, Galena, Kilbourne, Lewis Center, Ostrander, Radnor, Shawnee Hills, and Sunbury.

Want To Know How To Get Bats Out Of Your Buildings? Hire Our Family-Owned Bat Removal Company

Bats are a protected species in Ohio, and any professional, ethical bat exclusion company like our Powell Bat Removal knows the laws, rules, and regulations affecting bat removal. Proudly serving Powell, Ohio’s bat control needs, our experienced, licensed, and insured bat wranglers provide residential and commercial bat control, including storage warehouses, production buildings, local businesses, schools, churches, and government agencies.

Bats inside your Powell home or buildings for any period means you’ll face bat problems eventually. Bats benefit humans in so many ways, like eating those pesky-biting mosquitoes by the ton. Unfortunately, if bats squeeze their way into your Powell buildings, their ability to contaminate and wreak havoc will soon cost you big money if not addressed quickly.

Bats pee and poop in their roosting area, producing stains, horrible odors, and soiled insulation. In addition, bats often carry bloodsucking bat mites that can get into your living quarters. But that’s not all: spores of a fungus that grows in bat guano cause a lung disease called histoplasmosis.

If you have been wondering to yourself, “Do I have Bats in my attic?” then you’ve come to the right place. Our bat exclusion experts have successfully dealt with Powell bats in attic problems for almost a decade. Call us today at (844) 544-9453 for a complete inspection of your buildings, and we’ll snoop out every bat you have!

Customer Come First When You Hire On Our Licensed, Insured, and Certified Powell Bat Removal Team

When you want bat removal at its best, you want the pros at Powell Bat Removal, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions division. Bat Removal is specialized work, and it needs experienced bat experts to handle the job.

Many of our clients had to hire us to fix the work of unprofessional and inexperienced companies. These so-called bat removal companies did not repair all the bat entry points, and they also left bats inside the building because they didn’t know how to snoop out all the bats in a structure.

In Powel, Ohio, and Ohio in general, most residential bats are either big brown bats or little brown bats. Some of these little bats enter gaps in your home, chimney soffit, fascia, and vents as small as the width of a dime. The average Powell home has hundreds of potential bat entry points, and only the skilled eye of an experienced bat professional knows where to search and examine.

Bats in Powell homes and buildings thrive year-round due to temperature-controlled structures. Once inside a building during Ohio’s cold months, bats snuggle together in a basement or attics, but bats adore interior walls, which provide security and more even warmth.

Suppose you have seen bats around your home or buildings. In that case, our Powell bat removal specialist will do a complete inspection inside and out, locating every bat entry point where there will generally be a sign of guano, and find every bat inside your Powell building.

We are your Powell Bat Removal Experts, and we assure you we’ll locate every bat, do all repairs, remove any contaminated materials, sanitize all infestation areas, make those bat-infested areas smell brand spanking new, and replace all soiled insulation if needed. Give us a call today at (844) 544-9453 so we can get someone out to do the bat building inspection you deserve.

Call (844) 544-9453 For A Powell Bat Inspection

“I Saw A Bat Fly Out Of the Peak Of My Roof. Could I have Bats Inside My Home?” Probably, Yes! So, We’ll Explain Our Bat Removal Procedures.

Step 1: We Investigate Your Place Top to Bottom, In and Out, And Present A Bat Exclusion Plan

Bats enter your home or property in several ways. Bats commonly get inside via chimneys, attics, and vents, but the smallest crack the size of a dime or open window allows a bat inside when looking for a home. Since our Powel Bat Exclusion team is the best of the best and a bat control company that wants to do a top-notch job, we have to do a complete home inspection outside and in, locate every possible entrance into your building, find every bat roosting site, and determine what time of mess bats created for you. Here’s a blow by blow explanation:

  • We have to locate every place in the building where bats hang out, assuming you in fact have bats, how many bats, and the species of bat, and whether a maternity colony has settled in to raise babies.
  • Next, we bring in the crew to examine any bat damage and put together a plan for dealing with that.
  • Our Powell bat removal team searches the outside of your building from top to bottom locating every possible bat entrance, and the most likely one used.
  • One of our Powell bat whizzes will put together a strategy that will efficiently and harmlessly exclude all the bats.
  • Finally, a bat team member sits with you, goes over what we uncovered, shows you photos, explains the issues and provide an estimated cost, give a date for job completion, make modification if necessary, and then have both of us sign a contract.
A Powell Bat Removal Exclusion expert doing a repair.

When doing an inspection we check every nook and cranny on the outside of your building.

A small group of bats in an a Powell attic.

Bats can tightly tuck themselves in tight squeezes or hide inside a wall. No matter, we’ll find them all! 

A pile of bat guano in a Powell Ohio building.

Bats in numbers can lay down some serious piles of guano soaked with urine, especially if they have been roosting in the same place for years without being discovered.

Call Our Powell Bat Pros At (844) 544-9453

Step 2:  How We Effectively and Efficiently Get Bats Out Of Structures.

Our Powell Bat removal team does not exterminate bats, so we won’t be killing bats out of your buildings. Once our keenly-eyed bat technicians locate all the possible bat entry gaps into your home, we’ll seal all but a few. Over the unsealed bat entryways, we screw in a One-Way Bat Valve device that allows bats out, but they cannot return through it. We have three types of Bat Valves, each designed for a specific area where a gap exists.

Bats will slowly leave the building through the Bat Valves during their nightly insect feedings. Some bats stay behind each evening, but eventually, all will leave their roost in five to seven days. We’ll be monitoring the Bat valves over this period making sure no bats get stuck, which rarely happens. Once activity around the Bat Valves ceases, we inspect the roosting areas, ensure all the bats have left, remove the Bat Valves, and repair and seal those gaps.

Our Powell Bat Removal expert is installing the Bat Valve SG3 used for Soffit Returns, Gable Vents, and more.
We fix then seal all bat access points but a few. On those few openings, we firmly attach the fantastic One-Way Bat Valve. In the above photo, we’ve used the TBV-SG3, which allows bats out, but they can’t return.
Our Powell Bat Removal expert installed the Bat Valve TBV-FR4 used for Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.
Bat Valve model TBV-FR4, sold and created by the Viking Product Supply team, was designed for fixing on Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.
Our Powell Bat Removal pro installed the Bat Valve TBV-FLEX2 used for Corner Gaps And Are Versatile And Flexible.
A Powell bat tech used this Bat Valve TBV FLEX 2 for a corner gap due to its elasticity and adaptability. We have effectively used this over bathroom discharge vents when doing bird exclusions.

Want  Powell Bat Removal – Call (844) 544-9453

Step 3: START HERE – Cleanup And Sanitation Of Bat Guano and Bat Contaminated Materials Is Next And It Can Be Nasty Work

Fortunately, bats don’t gnaw or chew on wood materials, chew through metal, tear open venting, or rip up attic insulation for nesting, like squirrels and raccoons. They don’t need to do any of these things since bats can get through any entrance gap the size of a dime around 18 mm, and all bats do is hang upside down from some part of a building where they poop and pee, though they do poop and pee while in flight.

  1. Bat are vectors for a disease called Histoplasmosis. The severe lung disease spreads in dried bat guano that forms dust that permeates the environment and can spread into living quarters.
  2. Did you know that bats have mites? We’ll they do, and they are called “bat mites.” Bat mites, also called bat bugs, can spread around your building. These little vampires thrive by feeding off human and pet blood. Yummy, not!
  3. Structural bat damage occurs when urine and feces soak into flooring, sheetrock, or leaks through the flooring or floor wall gaps and into the living space below.
  4. Bat urine and feces soils attic insulation, so it loses its R-Value and ability to keep out cold in the winter or heat in the summer.
  5. Bats urine and feces pollute air quality since the odor of bat urine and feces permeates the wood, sheetrock, and other objects.

Once our Powell bat removal team completes bat removal and closes all bat access points, we eradicate all bat mites if they exist, get rid of and replace ruined sheetrock, tainted insulation, and all bat poop.

In many cases, we must perform a total attic restoration, which means:

  1. Vacuuming out and removing all soiled insulation.
  2. Cleansing and decontaminating all floors, walls, and ceilings.
  3. We apply an organically based safe mist throughout the areas, which removes all nasty smells and leaves every surface with a clean scent and healthy air for breathing.
  4. Finally, we apply a beautiful thick layer of blown-in insulation with a great R-Factor, giving you the best possible heating and cooling fficiency.
Our Powell Bat Removal Experts faced this mess insulation solied by bat guano.
Bat guano and urine-soiled insulation must be removed and replaced!
Our Powell Bat Removal team entered an area of this attic filled with bat guano.
A bat infestation spread guano throughout this attic. The air quality in this area was horrible and unhealthy!
A very large pile of bat guano that had to be removed from this building.
Large piles of bat guano are a sign that bats have infested an area for a number of years.
Our Powell Attic Restoration team had a huge vacumming job in this attic. Guano everywhere.
Our high-end Hepa vacuum systems suck up polluted insulation and loads of foul bat guano while filtering the air.
Our Powell Attic Restoration team made this attic clean like new.
Our Powell crew performed this beautiful clean-up by removing all materials, washing and decontaminating all surfaces, and spaying a deodorizing mist on all surfaces.
Our Powell Attic Restoration team blew in some high R factor insulation.
Finally, we introduced new blown-in insulation with a high R factor, improving the heating and cooling energy costs.

F.A.Q.’S About Ohio’s Bats

Did you know that  Ohio bats are most active from March into September? Or, did you know that Ohio is home to 11 species of bats, not just the Little Brown and Big Brown bats? Let’s answer a few of our more frequently asked questions for the good people of Powell.
Can I touch a bat with my hands?
Bats can spread diseases, so you must take precautions if you choose to touch any bat. If you decide to handle a bat, use leather gloves since a frightened biting bat can’t get through the leather.
Is it okay to poison a bat?
No! Please don’t kill or poison bats. We do not exterminate bats under any condition, period! Bats are vital to our ecosystem and protected by Ohio law.
Do Ohio bats have rabies?
All mammals can acquire rabies and bats are mammals. Bat rabies is rare but bat removal and handling is best left to a professional.
How do I know if my home has bats?
Well, if you see bats entering your home from the exterior, you have bats. If you are continually finding bats in any area of your home, you probably have bat roommates.

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