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Bat Removal Lewis Center Ohio

“I’m Looking For A Bat Control Company Near Me. Can You Help?” We Sure Can If You Are In The Lewis Center, Ohio Area. We Are The Best Bat Inspection Company In The Lewis Center Area. Our Certified, Licensed, Insured Bat Experienced Team Can Be Reached At (844) 544-9453

Lewis Center Ohio Bat Excluders

WCO Affiliations and Wildlife Control Certifications

We Also Perform Bat Removal In The Great Communities Of Ashley, Delaware, Dublin, Galena, Kilbourne, Ostrander, Powell, Radnor, Shawnee Hills, and Sunbury.

Local Family Owned Licensed Bat Removal Company That Identified All Lewis Center Bat Problems On Any Building

Bat removal demands an educated staff with certification in bat removal and years of on-ground real-world bat control experience, which our Lewis Center bat excluders have. One significant advantage you’ll get when hiring our Lewis Center bat experts is their deep knowledge of Ohio bat behavior.

We are getting more and more calls from home and business owners who hired wildlife companies incapable of handling bat problems expertly, and bats end up returning in weeks. Any responsible and ethical bat control company believes in the ongoing need for education in the bat removal industry. Our Lewis Center Bat masters train all our bat removal technicians in NWCOA Bat Standards and Structural Bat Management.

Our Bat Removal Team, an extension of the well-respected Ohio-based Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, has all the equipment like aerial lifts so when we need to get high where bats love to roost. We own all the essential tools of bat exclusion, which allows us quick scheduling and getting a bat control job done more efficiently. And of course, our Lewis Center Bat Exclusion company is licensed with the state of Ohio, and we have mandatory liability insurance that covers you and us.

Lewis Center Bat Removal is your area’s leader in going above and beyond standards for bat removal and all bat-related issues like bat-infested contaminated attics. We concentrate on the humane, ethical removal of bats from attics using a live exclusion method and would NEVER exterminate any bat, period, and not because doing so is against Ohio law, but because we know bats are necessary for the health of Ohio’s ecosystem.

Pride In A Job Well Done, Customer Safety And Satisfaction Defines The Lewis Center Bat Removal Process

As the bat prevention authorities providing state-of-the-science bat removal and bat damage control, our Lewis Center Bat Removal Crew has completed hundreds of exclusions throughout the Lewis Center area and beyond.

Bats are an unwanted and potentially expensive nuisance pest to find in your Lewis Center buildings. A colony of bats in your home or commercial building creates nasty piles of bat poop(guano), urine-soaked walls and insulation, unpleasant odors, and potential harm to the health of your loved ones or employees.

As a professional Lewis Center bat removal company, we offer an all-inclusive service that deals with every aspect of your bat problems from beginning to end. This service provides a complete top-to-bottom inside and out inspection of bat entry points. The plan includes securely sealing every possible bat entrance into your building and bat-proofing the structure from future bat infestation. Of course, we’ll remove all bats humanely and then perform any necessary cleanups, sanitation, deodorizing, and contaminated insulation replacement.

Bat removal can be expensive due to the high degree of skill and equipment needed. Attempting to carry out bat removal and bat cleanup yourself could worsen the situation, and you risk damaging your home and the health of your family, business employees, or customers. So we suggest leaving bat removal and cleanup to experts like our Lewis Center Bat Exclusion professionals despite the potential cost.

To repeat, discovering bats in your Lewis Center home or business is a problem that needs urgent attention since bats have the potential to cause long-term damage not only to your property but to the health of the people within the building. Contact Lewis Center Bat Control today at (844) 544-9453 for our complete, professional bat exclusion service, and so you can return to appreciating a bat-proofed, safe home or business.

Call (844) 544-9453 And Arrange A Lewis Center Bat Inspection

“I Need Chimney Bat Excluder Near Me. Is That Your Expertise?” Yes, For Sure! Let’s Explain How We Peform A Bat Exclusion Project.

Step 1: To Do A Bat Exclusion Professionally We Need To Perform An Inspection Of Your Entire Building

Since our Lewis Center Bat Excluders is a professional company, we must provide a thorough inspection. The inspection process determines if you have bats, the number of bats, the extent of damage caused by the presence of bats, and most importantly, how bats enter your home or commercial business. Our bat inspection will ensure that all bats will be detected and removed and any safety issues due to the presence of bats resolved. So let’s clarify step by step.

  • We must locate the bats in your home or business, if any, determine if you have just a few bats or a bat colony, whether you have Little Brown Bats or Big Brown Bats, which are the usual suspects, and whether your building has become home to a maternity colony.
  • We’ll uncover all bat damage that needs repairs, find the contaminated materials that need removal, and if decontamination and deodorizing is necessary.
  • Our bat investigators will examine the outside of your home or business from to bottom and “sniff out” every bat access point into your building as well as any other potential future bat entrances.
  • Our Lewis Center team sits down together and designs a plan of attack to resolve all your bat issues efficiently.
  • A member of our Lewis center bat exclusion team will set up a mutually agreed upon time, so they can clarify what we located, show you photographs, clarify the troubles, give an estimated cost and job completion date, make changes regarding what we’ll do if necessary, and then the two of us will sign a contract to proceed with the bat exclusion.
A Lewis Center Bat Removal Exclusion expert doing a repair.
As bat experts, we have devoted much time to the study of bats and how they get into buildings so we guarantee we’ll “Sherlock Holmes” every bat access point.
A small group of bats in an a Lewis Center attic.
Bats love attics, the inside of walls, as well as any corner they can squeeze into as a group. We’ll find every bat inside your building; rest assured!
A pile of bat guano in a Lewis Center Ohio building.

Bats leave horrible messes like the above piles of bat guano inside this attic from a colony of bats living on and off here for many years. 

Need Our Bat Exclusion Services? Call (844) 544-9453.

Step 2: This Is How We Remove Every Bat Without Trapping, Killing, Or Harming Them

To remove bats without risking bites or other issues, you’ll need our Lewis Center bat removal technician’s specialized skills, tools, and knowledge. Bats can be tricky to get rid of once they’ve entered your building for an unskilled experienced bat professional, which we are not. The most effective bat removal strategy uses One Way Bat Valves.

Bat Valves come in three models, allowing bats a harmless exit from a building while preventing re-entry. We install one or a few of these devices once we have repaired and sealed all entry points, but the few left open over which we fix the One Way Bat Valve.

Our One-Way Bat Valves remain attached for several days, but generally, no more than seven since some bats don’t leave the roost each night in search of some tasty flying insects. But eventually, all these little flapping mammals will leave due to hunger but won’t reenter.

Once we think all the bats have exited your structure, our Lewis Center Bat Removal Crew guarantees all bats have left. Once we verify the exit of all bats, we move on to the last but messiest step – the cleanup and repair.

Our Lewis Center Bat Removal expert is installing the Bat Valve SG3 used for Soffit Returns, Gable Vents, and more.

We must repair and seal every bat entry gaps repair but a few on which we install the fantastic One Way Bat Valve. Over the above chimney gap used by the bats, we used the TBV-SG3, which worked perfectly.

Our Lewis Center Bat Removal expert installed the Bat Valve TBV-FR4 used for Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.

In the above instance, the Bat Valve model TBV-FR4 worked perfectly for installation like the situations above.

Our Lewis Center Bat Removal pro installed the Bat Valve TBV-FLEX2 used for Corner Gaps And Are Versatile And Flexible.

The Bat Valve TBV FLEX 2 for corner gaps due to its flexibility and versatility worked like a charm in this instance. 

Want The Best In Bat Removal? Call (844) 544-9453.

 Step 3: Last, But Extremely Important, Cleanup, Sanitation, Repair And Possible Full Attic Restoration

Bats cause many problems, from physical and structural damage to health and safety concerns. Due to bat urine and bat guano inside your building, nasty odors can move into living spaces where it produces a health risk. These odors come with dust from dried bat guano which can carry spores that cause a lung disease called Histoplasmosis. Also, urine and feces can move through various materials and leak into living spaces below, and insulation soaked with bat urine loses its effectiveness resulting in increased energy costs. So here is what you need to know.

  1. Bat guano can house spores that cause the lung disease Histoplasmosis. As bat guano dries and crumbles, fine dust forms, which moves through the air. Hence the reason we must wear suits and breathing devices to protect us from possible infection.
  2.  A colony of bats brings with them “bat bugs” or, better said, “bat mites,” which live off of blood. Once inside your building, bat mites can spread into living quarters looking to feed on you or pets
  3. Building damage occurs from bat urine and feces soaking into flooring, sheetrock, or leaking through small flooring and wall gaps and onto the ceilings and walls of your living space.
  4. Attic insulation usually gets soaked by bat urine and filled with guano, so R-Value loss occurs in increased energy costs.
  5. Also, bat urine and feces foul the air due to the stench, permeating wood, sheetrock, and other materials in the area.

Our Lewis Center bat cleanup team will exterminate all bat mites if they exist, remove and replace ruined sheetrock, contaminated materials, and all bat guano.

In several bad bat infestations, we must conduct an entire attic rehabilitation, which means:

  1. We vacuum out all soiled materials we can then hand fill large plastic bags and remove all larger contaminated materials.
  2. Also, we clean and decontaminate all surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings.
  3. An application of a biodegradable, safe mist is applied to all contaminated spaces. This spray permanently removes all odors and leaves a clean scent on all surfaces while restoring healthy air.
  4. Now comes the final high point: a thick cozy layer of quality blown-in insulation with the appropriate R-Factor which will bring down your costs on your energy bill.
Our Lewis Center Bat Removal Experts faced this mess insulation solied by bat guano.

The bat cleanup job starts with vacuuming bat urine and guano contaminated insulation.

Our Lewis Center Bat Removal team entered an area of this attic filled with bat guano.
Our Lewis Center bat cleanup crew found thick layers of bat guano spread throughout this attic.
A very large pile of bat guano that had to be removed from this building.

When we run into piles of guano in an attic, we know a colony of bats has been using the area for years.

Our Lewis Center Attic Restoration team had a huge vacumming job in this attic. Guano everywhere.

Our Lewis Center bat cleanup crew wears protective gear and HEPA ventilation breathing masks while cleaning out contaminated materials.

Our Lewis Center Attic Restoration team made this attic clean like new.
This attic is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. As you can see, there are no signs of bats now.
Our Lewis Center Attic Restoration team blew in some high R factor insulation.
This thick layer of new High R-Factor blown-in insulation improves winter home warmth and summer cooling while saving energy costs.

We’re The Best In Lewis Center Bat Removal Call (844) 544-9453.

We Get So Many F.A.Q.’S About Bats

Lewis Center Bat Control gets all types of bat questions like: “How long do bats live? or “How often do bats eat?” or “How big do bats get?” and “How many types of bats are in Ohio?”

Well, let’s answer a few different bat questions.

How do you remove bats from attics?
Not with butterfly nets! We use One Way Bat Valves over bat entry points. These devices allow bats out but not back in.
Do you recommend "bat removal do it yourself"?

No! Most people who attempt DIY bat removal end up making their situation worse by killing bats, and killing bats is illegal in Ohio, or not covering all entry gaps, which means bats will return.

How much is a standard home bat inspection?

Our inspection costs start at $199.00 but can be higher based on the size of the building and how much equipment we need to bring in to do the inspection properly.

Do you put up bat houses so we can use bats to keep our mosquito population down?

We most certainly do put up bat houses. You can find some great bat houses to purchase at these two places: Best Bat Houses and Big Bat Box.

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