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Galena Bat Removal Service

Bats In Your Home Or Attic? We’re Available For Inside And Out Inspection By One Of Our Galena Bat Technicians. Call Us At (844) 544-9453! Our Bat Removal Services Are Licensed, Insured, And We Work On Large Commercial Buildings!

We Are Your Galena Ohio Bat Whisperers Licensed, Bonded, Insured And Certified

Our Connections To Some Of Our Certifications And WCO Industries

We Also Perform Bat Removal In The Great Communities Of Ashley, Delaware, Dublin, Kilbourne, Lewis Center, Ostrander, Powell, Radnor, Shawnee Hills, and Sunbury.

We Are A Buckeye Raised Family-Owned Bat Exclusion Company Serving Galena, Ohio And Beyond

If you think you might have a colony of bats in your Galena home or business, it’s advised you contact an experienced bat exclusion crew like our Galena Bat Removal team. Our bat removal services stretch beyond Galena and into Ashley, Delaware, Kilbourne, Ostrander, Powell, Radnor, Shawnee Hills, and Sunbury.

Our office staff get calls every day like, “Help, I have a bat flying around my house!”, “I think I have bats in my attic!” or “I see bats flying around my house and landing on my roof!” And guess what? We can address any bat-related issue and generally get someone to your home soon, if not the same day.

The team of bat professionals at Bat Removal Delaware Ohio, with over 20 years of education and real-world bat experience, provide quality, customer-centered service, with your safety as our number one concern. We address every job, whether small or big, with the same level of dedication.

If you want a local born and bred bat control company with roots in the great state of Ohio, give us a call (844) 544-9453 at and we can arrange an inspection soon and possibly even today.

Customer Center, Highly Trained, Effective Galena Bat Removal Services

Safety and the proper humane exclusion of bats determine each step in the bat exclusion process whenever we take a bat job in Galena or the surrounding communities. Our science-based bat removal methods combined with real-world bat experience provide the type of high-level service you want when someone comes into your home or business performing any bat work.

We consistently exceed all bat removal certification standards on every job we do, no matter the size or scope of the bat problem. You can set your mind at ease regarding any concerns you may have for your family or customer’s welfare. Our bat work never impacts any living or working space since we isolate all bat exclusion processes from any such human-inhabited areas.

Before starting any Galena bat removal job, we spend the necessary planning time that enables effectiveness, efficiency, and cost savings. Our bat experts locate every bat entrance around your buildings and seal and repair all those entrances after removing all bats.

As you may know, bats consume large quantities of insects and arthropods. A bat eats its body weight in these pesky insects, especially mosquitos., each night on its search for food. The environmental roles of bats consist of pollinating fruits and plants and dispersing the seeds of plants and fruits in their guano. But no matter how valuable bats are to the environment, no one wants a colony of bats living in their buildings.

Call (844) 544-9453 For A Bat Inspection

On Almost Every Bat Call We Get, One Of the First Statements We Hear Is “I Think We Have Bats In Our Building?” So, Here’s What We’ll Do!

Step 1: Inspecting Your Buildings And Developing A Bat Removal Plan

Our bat professionals must do a thorough inspection inside and outside your home or buildings to resolve any bat issue. We must know how bats enter your building before we can exclude them. We’ll find every bat entry gap and some only an expert’s eye can locate. Once we have assured ourselves and you how bats are entering, we’ll also access where the bats are and the extent of bat damage in your buildings. But, let’s clarify the steps for you:

  • First, we determine where bats are roosting, if there are any, and how many roosting bats are in your home which may be a few or an entire bat colony.
  • Of course, we determine the extent of damage that the bats created so we can repair the damage and also clean up any harmful contamination.
  • Next, we will find every bat entry areas points into your structures, 100% guaranteed!
  • We’ll develop a plan of attack which enables us to exclude all the bats without harming them.
  • One of our bat technicians will get together with you and go over what we found, share photos, explain the issues and the minimum and maximum costs, give a time frame for finishing the job, make changes if necessary, and then have you sign a contract.
An Galena Bat Removal Exclusion expert doing a repair.

Our bat professionals will absolutely find every bat entry and exit point. Their bat behavior knowledge and the clues bats leave on the outside of a building helps determine every access point.

A small group of bats in an a Galena attic.

We locate every area where bats are roosting and how many bats live in your structures. There may be many areas in your building where bats roost.

A pile of bat guano in a Galena Ohio building.
The damage that a colony of bats causes can be extensive. Piles of bat guano, see above, and urine contaminate the environment, potentially making your living space unhealthy!

Step 2: This Is How We Remove Bats From Your Home Or Business

You may not know much about the bat removal process, but Our Galena Bat Removal team does not hand capture bats or set bat traps. What do is create escape gaps in the area where bats roost, and the bats escape through these gaps via One Way Bat Valves that allow bats out but cannot return. So how’s this done? Good question!

There will usually be several gaps on the outside frame of your home that the bats have used to access their living space. Your Galena bat specialists will repair and seal all but a few of the points of access used by the bats. On the remaining unsealed bat entry points, they attach one of three types of Bat Valves depending on the area of the bat access point.

Not all bats in a roost exit every night, so our One-Way Bat Valves remain in place for at least four or five nights before the remaining entrances get repaired and sealed. When the Bat Valves are in place, we monitor them, ensuring no bats become trapped and to see if the bat activity around the valves has stopped.

At that point, we check the roosting areas inside the home to confirm all bats have escaped. Once all bats have left the building, we remove the Bat Valves, then repair and seal those last gaps. Finally, we move on to the next step of damage repair and cleanup in the former bat roosting area.

Our Galena Bat Removal expert is installing the Bat Valve SG3 used for Soffit Returns, Gable Vents, and more.

We close all but a couple of bat entry points. On the open gaps, we install specialized One-Way Bat Valves, in this case, the TBV-SG3, that allow bats to exit but are can get back through to return to the roost.

Our Galena Bat Removal expert installed the Bat Valve TBV-FR4 used for Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.

The Bat Valve model TBV-FR4, created by Viking Product Supply, was uniquely developed for placement over Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps. Works like a charm!

Our Galena Bat Removal pro installed the Bat Valve TBV-FLEX2 used for Corner Gaps And Are Versatile And Flexible.
We use the unique Bat Valve TBV FLEX 2, see above, for corner gaps due to its flexibility and versatility. We have successfully used this over bathroom exhaust vents when doing bird evictions.

Call (844) 544-9453 For Bat Removal help.

Step 3: Now The Nasty Work Begins: Repairing Bat Destruction, Decontaminating And Deodorizing

Bats don’t chew on wood, gnaw through sheet metal vents, rip open vent covers, and tear up attic insulation, like squirrel and raccoons, since they can get through any entrance gap the size of a dime. But, alas, bats can create severe damage once in your home or buildings!

  1. First, bats spread a disease called Histoplasmosis that infects the lungs. The disease spreads when bat guano dries and forms dust that can leak into a living area.
  2. Bats often bring in bat mites, often called bat bugs, that can infiltrate your living space, where they stay alive by feeding off the blood of humans or pets. Yuuchhh!!!
  3. Bats’ structural damage occurs from their urine and feces absorbed into wood flooring, sheetrock and leaking into the ceilings of living spaces below.
  4. The urine and feces of bats contaminate attic insulation, so the insulation loses its R-Value.
  5. Bats urine and feces contaminate the air quality since the odor of bat urine, and feces infuses into the wood, sheetrock, and other items in the roosting area.

Once our bat exclusion experts finish removing bats and repairing and sealing all entry points, we need to exterminate any bat mites if they exist, remove and replace ruined sheetrock, contaminated insulation, and all bat guano.

In many cases, we must perform a total attic restoration, which means:

  1. Vacuuming out all contaminated insulation.
  2. Cleaning and decontaminating all floors, walls, and ceilings where bats roosted
  3. We use a biologically safe mist throughout the contaminated areas, removing all odors and leaving all surfaces with a clean scent and air healthy to breathe.
  4. At last, comes the thick coat of blown-in insulation with the R-Factor of your choice which provides savings on both your heating and cooling costs.
Our Galena Bat Removal Experts faced this mess insulation solied by bat guano.

Bat guano soiled all the insulation in this attic which meant all the insulation had to be removed. 

Our Galena Bat Removal team entered an area of this attic filled with bat guano.

A large colony of bats infested this attic leaving guano throughout, which we addressed since it was affecting the air quality in the building.

A very large pile of bat guano that had to be removed from this building.

This large pile of bat guano came from a colony of bats that had infested this attic for years.

Our Galena Attic Restoration team had a huge vacumming job in this attic. Guano everywhere.

Our attic restoration team vacuums up all the contaminated insulation and heaps of nasty bat guano.

Our Galena Attic Restoration team made this attic clean like new.

Our bat cleanup crew vacuumed, disinfected, then fogged to remove all nasty odors. The attic air is now healthy to breathe, and the attic and materials within have a pleasant fresh scent.

Our Galena Attic Restoration team blew in some high R factor insulation.

Finally, we introduced new blown-in insulation with a high R factor, improving the heating and cooling energy costs.

F.A.Q.’S About Ohio’s Bats

Did you know that  Ohio bats are most active from March into September? Or, did you know that Ohio is home to 11 species of bats, not just the Little Brown and Big Brown bats? Let’s answer a few of our more frequently asked questions for the good people of Galena.

What bats do you generally find in Ohio and Galena Homes?

Generally, we find the Little Brown Bat or the Big Brown Bat. We find Little and Big Browns roosting together in the same building in many cases.

Is it true that bats are blind?

No, that is not true though bats have small eyes with a specialized vision that’s best suited for night vision. Bats have excellent hearing!

Is Ohio Bat removal expensive?

That’s a difficult question to answer unless we can access your situation. Removing a bat can range between $200 and $700.  Depending on the size of your home, the size of the bat colony, the extent of damage and contamination, you can have costs running into the thousands. Our initial inspection ranges from $200 to $300 but gets credited towards any other fees.

What is a maternity colony?
A bat maternity colony is a cluster of female bats that congregate to birth baby bats, called pups, and nurse the babies. Also, female bats produce one pup at a time. The size of a maternity colony can vary, but it would not be unusual to find an Ohio building with 50 or more bats.

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