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Bat Removal And Exclusion

Bat Removal Delaware Ohio Is the Premier Bat Removal And Exclusion Company in Delaware and its Surrounding Regions. We Practice 100% Safe, Humane Bat Removal and Exclusion for Residents and Businesses in Central Ohio. Hire Us For Quick, Effective Bat Removal and Exclusion.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Certified With $199.00 Delaware, Ohio Bat Inspections


The Inspection And Price Quote

Bat Removal Delaware Ohio begins each job with a thorough inspection to ensure our success. Click here to request a price quote!


The Exclusion Process

We use one-way valves to exclude bats from your home or attic. This keeps them safe while barring any possible re-entry.


The Repairs

After excluding all bats, Bat Removal Delaware Ohio will restore your home and attic to match its former beauty.

Delaware Ohio Bat Removal And Exclusion page photo of an exclusion repair

Bat Exclusions demand numerous repairs before the job is finished. Our team provides the talent and experience to get the job done correctly the first time.

Delaware Ohio Bat Removal And Exclusion page photo of a Peak Protector installation

A Peak Protector provides an effective method for keeping bats from entering your attic.

Delaware, Ohio Bat Removal and Exclusion in

Bat removal and exclusion is a difficult job that should always be performed by a specialist. With this in mind, Bat Removal Delaware Ohio’s team of bat removal experts is available 24/7 to handle all of your bat removal needs.

Many bat species are protected by federal law. It is illegal to harm, poison, or kill any of these species. That is to say that humane bat removal is the only legal method. Therefore, Bat Removal Delaware Ohio practices 100% safe & humane bat removals and exclusions.

Many companies provide bat removal and exclusion, so selecting the right company overwhelms many people. Bat Removal Delaware Ohio, a division of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, with a combined 20 plus years of education and in-field experience, solves bat issues daily. We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to all varieties of bat problems. Our professional team provides reliable service with a guarantee. And, we set the highest standard in providing safe, effective, humane bat control solutions! If you have discovered bats in your home or business, don’t wait any longer and call us now at (844) 544-9453 to schedule an appointment!

Video Showing Bats Attempting To Return To A Roost In A Customer’s Home After We Did The Exclusion. Sorry Bats, You Can’t Get Back Because We Sealed All Entrances And Exits.

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Delaware Ohio Bat Issues That We Confront On A Regular Basis At Bat Removal Delaware Ohio

Don’t be surprised if you find numerous bats snoozing in the attic of your Delaware Ohio home because we never are.

Generally, people don’t want to live with bats and may try to get rid of them on their own. Just remember, ultrasonic deterrent devices, mothballs, or aerosol sprays do not work long-term. Any Delaware bat expert knows the only way to get rid of bats is to remove them from your home through the process called “exclusion.”

Don’t panic, just give our Delaware Ohio pros a call and we’ll be there to help you solve your bat removal and exclusion issues. 

Photo of Bats On The Interior Of An Attic Vent
A Close Up Of Photo of Bats On The Interior Of An Attic Vent
A Photo Of Bats In An Attic
Photo of Bats In Another area of the same attic.

About the Bat Removal and Exclusion Process

Bats are one of the most common pests in Delaware, Ohio. Unfortunately, they are often more than simply annoying. Namely, bats can cause property damage, pose health risks, and make large areas of your property uninhabitable. If you notice bats in your home or attic, you should call a professional bat removal and exclusion business such as Bat Removal Delaware Ohio immediately. Below, we will give a quick outline of the bat removal process.

  • Firstly, we will conduct a full property inspection to search for entry points and attractants.
  • Secondly, we determine the best time and location to set up our one-way bat valves.
  • Also, we will seal any secondary entry points to prevent re-entry.
  • Then, after all of the bats have made their exit, we seal all remaining entry points.

For more information about pricing or scheduling your bat removal and exclusion service, call Bat Removal Delaware Ohio at (844) 544-9453!

Video On Bats Living In An Attic Space In Delaware, Ohio
The Bat Exclusion Process Demands The Use Of Various Tools Like One Way Valves Where Bats Can Get Out Of A Dwelling But They Can’t Get Back In

One-way bat removal valves are the most effective, humane bat removal and exclusion tool in existence. Bats are able to escape through the tube unharmed but are unable to get back inside. We always use the latest and most effective designs on the market.

In conjunction with the one-way valves, we use strong caulk, metal, and/or wood to seal any secondary entry points. This ensures that the bats will not be able to find another way inside of your home or attic after they’ve been excluded.

The one-way bat valves will remain in position for at least one week to give enough time for all bats to exit the premise. Once we confirm that all bats have been excluded, we will seal all the remaining entry points so that the bats can’t get back inside.

A Few Of Many Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Bat Removal Delaware Ohio to handle any bat removal jobs. We had a bat colony living in our attic that did quite a bit of damage. Collin came to the rescue! He was courteous, professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. He kept us informed the whole way through. First, he excluded them with the one-way valve. Then, he sealed the entry points. Finally, he and his team were able to completely clean, disinfect, and restore our attic. Thank you!”
Melissa Kaasa

She stated Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“I wanted to share the excellent experience I had with Bat Removal  Delaware Ohio. We had a difficult time handling a bat colony living in the attic area above our garage. Jake did an excellent job of quickly removing the bats and then sealing off the rest of the attic so that they couldn’t get back inside. Then, he replaced the tarnished insulation. He was diligent and always punctual. Very good experience and I would highly recommend this business if you are having bat problems.”
Jeff Whipple

He stated Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

“We had a massive colony of bats living in our attic and had no idea how to handle it. We called Bat Removal Delaware Ohio and Collin came within a couple of days. He was absolutely wonderful to work with. Super helpful, knowledgeable, easy to talk to. The bat problem was tricky and took a few days to solve but Collin got it done and the bats left my property entirely within a week. I highly recommend this company and will definitely call them again if we have any other bat issues!”
Amber Cromer

She stated Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

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