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Attic Cleanup And Sanitation

Bat Removal Delaware Ohio Is the Premier Attic Cleanup And Sanitation Company In Delaware and its Surrounding Regions. We Practice 100% Safe, Humane Bat Removal and Exclusions for Residents and Businesses in Central Ohio. Hire Us For Quick, Effective Bat Removal and Exclusion.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Certified With $199.00 Delaware, Ohio Bat Inspections


Inspection And Price Quote

If you used our bat removal service, you can ask your technician about a price quote for full attic restoration. Otherwise, you can call us at (844) 544-9453!


Insulation Removal And Sanitation

Our team will remove and replace any soiled or damaged insulation in your attic. We also sanitize all infected areas to make your attic safe and spotless!


1000's of Completed Jobs

There is no company more skilled or experienced at attic cleanup and sanitation than Bat Removal Delaware  Ohio. We work thoroughly and efficiently.

Attic Cleanup and Sanitation Service in Delaware, Ohio

No matter the size, Bat Removal Delaware Ohio can take on your attic cleanup and sanitation job. Our staff are highly-trained, experienced technicians with years of attic cleanup jobs under their belts. There is no job Bat Removal Delaware Ohio can’t handle.

Call (844) 544-9453 to schedule your attic cleanup and sanitation service today!

Bat Removal Delaware Ohio uses the most advanced techniques ass well as the latest equipment on the market. We promise to deliver outstanding attic cleanup and sanitation service each time out. Our team works quickly and will leave no task undone!

Call our office today at (844) 544-9453 to schedule your attic cleanup service!

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About Attic Cleanup and Sanitation

Attic cleanup and sanitation is often a gigantic and potentially hazardous task. Not only is it a physically demanding job but you’ll come in contact with bat guano and other potential health risks. Furthermore, many jobs require industrial-grade equipment and elaborate safety measures. Thererfore, your best option is to hire a well-regarded, professional attic cleanup and sanitation service. Bat Removal Delaware Ohio is the premier cleanup company in Delaware and nearby areas. Call one of our experts at (844) 544-9453 to start the attic cleanup process today!

Below, we’ll give a basic outline of what the average attic cleanup and sanitation jobs looks like:

  • Firstly, we remove all bat guano and sanitize the contacted areas.
  • Secondly, we remove all damaged or contaminated materials.
  • Then, we repair any damaged walls, insulation, ventilation, etc.

Bat Removal Delaware Ohio is the most qualified attic cleanup and sanitation service in Delaware, Ohio. Call (844) 544-9453 today to set up a time for full cleanup service!

Video On Insulation Removal Delaware Ohio
A huge pile of guano in insulation at the attic cleanup and sanitation page
An attic filled with bat guano at the attic cleanup and sanitation page
A nasty mess of bat guano at the attic cleanup and sanitation page
Bat's leave terrible messes in the attics of many deleware ohio home - at the attic cleanup and sanitation page
A Brief Breakdown of the Attic Cleanup and Sanitation Process 

Firstly, we remove all bat guano buildup from the premise. Bat guano can be a health hazard, potentially acting as a carrier for diseases such as histoplasmosis. Because of this, any effected areas will be immediately and thoroughly sanitized.

Secondly, our team will remove all infected or damage materials and dispose of them properly. Afterward, we will sanitize every inch of your attic to kill off any bacteria, viruses, or other potential health hazards that may exist.

Finally, we will make any necessary repairs. This can include damaged ventilation, insulation, and plenty more. This is often very labor-intensive and may even require the use of specialized tools. Call (844) 544-9453 to schedule your cleanup service now!

A Few Of Many Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Bat Removal Delaware Ohio to handle any bat removal jobs. We had a bat colony living in our attic that did quite a bit of damage. Collin came to the rescue! He was courteous, professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. He kept us informed the whole way through. First, he excluded them with the one-way valve. Then, he sealed the entry points. Finally, he and his team were able to completely clean, disinfect, and restore our attic. Thank you!”
Melissa Kaasa

She stated Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“I wanted to share the excellent experience I had with Bat Removal  Delaware Ohio. We had a difficult time handling a bat colony living in the attic area above our garage. Jake did an excellent job of quickly removing the bats and then sealing off the rest of the attic so that they couldn’t get back inside. Then, he replaced the tarnished insulation. He was diligent and always punctual. Very good experience and I would highly recommend this business if you are having bat problems.”
Jeff Whipple

He stated Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

“We had a massive colony of bats living in our attic and had no idea how to handle it. We called Bat Removal Delaware Ohio and Collin came within a couple of days. He was absolutely wonderful to work with. Super helpful, knowledgeable, easy to talk to. The bat problem was tricky and took a few days to solve but Collin got it done and the bats left my property entirely within a week. I highly recommend this company and will definitely call them again if we have any other bat issues!”
Amber Cromer

She stated Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

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