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Ashley Bat Removal Service

Seeing Bats Around Your Home Or Building? Time To Get An Inspection By Our Bat Removal Ashley Ohio Experts By Calling Us At (844) 544-9453! Our Bat Removal Whizzes Are Completely Licensed, Insured, And Can Tackle Bat Exclusion Jobs Big Or Small.

We Are Your Ashley Ohio Bat Experts Licensed, Bonded, Insured And Certified

Some Of Our Expert Certifications and Industry Connections

We Also Perform Bat Removal In The Great Communities Of Dublin, Delaware, Galena, Kilbourne, Lewis Center, Ostrander, Powell, Radnor, Shawnee Hills, and Sunbury.

A Family-Owned, Ohio Born And Bred Company Providing Ashley Bat Exclusion

Ashley Bat Removal is your commercial and residential bat removal professionals. Our bat exclusion services extend beyond Ashley, Ohio, and we service other cities like Delaware, Galena, Kilbourne, Ostrander, Powell, Radnor, Shawnee Hills, and Sunbury.

For over a decade, we have been answering phone calls from Ashley homes and businesses ranging from “Do you do bat remediation?”, “What are your bat infestation removal costs?” and “Do you do guano removal?”.

Our bat technician’s years of experience provide reliable, well-established methods that address any ordinary or unique bat in building issues. Our on-the-road staff have roots in Ohio and understand the specific bat eviction issues unique to the state of Ohio.

Call (844) 544-9453 today to set up an inspection with the best Ashley Bat Exclusion service provider!

Highly Qualified Ashley Ohio Bat Eviction Services That Are Customer Centered

When addressing any Ashley bat issue, our significant concerns center around providing safe bat eviction services while always performing humane bat removal. Our bat exclusion methods have evolved over the years with the science of bat removal.

We apply state-of-the-art bat removal methods properly every time, so our bat exclusion success occurs 99.9% of the time on the first attempt. You’ll never have to worry about your family or customers during an Ashley bat exclusion since we isolate living and business spaces from the bat removal process.

Excluding bats from a building demands wise planning and implementation that will ensure the safe and humane removal of bats. Our specialists deliver effective and safe bat removal, which locates and seals the access points nuisance bats use for entering and roosting in your buildings.

As you may know, bats perform wonders for the earth’s ecology, like pollinating plants and fruits and passing along essential seeds in their guano. But a colony of bats roosting in your buildings creates unpleasant and harmful consequences for homes and businesses.

Call (844) 544-9453 For A Bat Inspection

We’re Often Asked, “Can You Explain Your Bat Removal Process?” We Sure Can, And We Will!

Step 1: Inspecting Your Property And Creating Your Project

Of course, resolving your bat problems demands that our Ashley bat inspection experts determine how bats enter your home or commercial buildings. So, before we start any bat removal job, we must thoroughly inspect your property, outside and in. A complete exterior bat inspection locates all entry points and areas needing repair and sealing. Here is what we do during a bat inspection:

  • First, we determine whether you have no bats, a few bats, or an entire colony of bats and exactly where they are roosting.
  • Afterward, we can tally all of the damage done by the bats so that we can repair it upon excluding the bats from your home or attic.
  • Next, we will find all bat access points into your home or buildings.
  • We’ll lay out a plan that will enable us to remove all the bats humanely from your buildings.
  • We sit down with you and go over the details of the project, share photos, explain costs, give a time frame for completion, make adjustments if necessary, and then sign a contract with you.
An Ashley Bat Removal Exclusion expert doing a repair.

Our bat expert locates bat entry and exit points. Understanding bat behavior and the markings they leave on the outside of a building helps identify all entry points.

A small group of bats in an Ohio attic.

We will find bat locations and how many bats exist in your building. There may be a number of locations where bats are roosting.

A pile of bat guano in a Ashley Ohio building.

You’ll want to know what type of damage bats have done inside your buildings. The above pile is bat guano from a colony of bats.

Call (844) 544-9453 For A Bat Inspection

Step 2: How We Rid Your Buildings Of A Colony Of Bats.

Since we do not capture bats by hand, we need an alternative way of excluding bats from buildings. To harmlessly remove bats from a home or business, we use a One-Way Bat Valve that lets bats leave a building but not reenter through the valve.

We first seal all bat entry points except for a few crucial openings over which we place the One-Wat Bat Valve. Depending on the type of exit point, our bat specialists choose one of three types of Bat Valves that will work best.

The Bat Valves remain in place for up to 7 days. Over the seven days, we will check the bat activity during the evening when they leave the roost to feed. Once bat activity out of the valves ceases, we return and check the area or areas of the building infested by bats. Generally, we will find all bats have left the roost.

Once all the bats are out, we remove the bat valves, then seal the openings used for the bat valves. 

Our Ashley Bat Removal expert is installing the Bat Valve SG3 used for Soffit Returns, Gable Vents, and more.

We seal all but a few bat entry/exit points on which we use specialized One-Way Bat Valves, in this case the TBV-SG3, that enable bats to escape but are unable to return. 

Our Ashley Bat Removal expert installed the Bat Valve TBV-FR4 used for Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.
This Bat Valve, designed by Viking Product Supply, is model TBV-FR4 and was uniquely designed to be placed over Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps.
Our Ashley Bat Removal pro installed the Bat Valve TBV-FLEX2 used for Corner Gaps And Are Versatile And Flexible.

We use this cool Bat Valve TBV FLEX 2 for corner gaps and is versatile and flexible. We also use this over bathroom exhaust vents for bird eviction.

Call (844) 544-9453 For Bat Removal

Step 3: Repairing All The Bat Destruction

Unlike raccoons and rodents, bats don’t gnaw wood, chew through metal, tear out vents, and rip apart attic insulation, since they can scoot through gaps the size of a dime. So what damage do bats create?

  1. Bat guano dust can spread a serious disease called Histoplasmosis, which infects the lungs via their dried bat guano.
  2. They can introduce bat mites which can infest a building;
  3. Bats create structural damage when their urine and feces soak into attic wood flooring, sheetrock, and into the living spaces below.
  4. Their urine and feces contaminate attic insulation, so the insulation loses its effectiveness.
  5. Bats urine and feces contaminate the air quality since the odor of bat urine and feces permeates wood, sheetrock, and other materials.

Once we have excluded all the bats and sealed all entrance points, we need to exterminate all bat mites if they exist, remove any ruined sheetrock, contaminated insulation, and piles of guano.

In many cases, we will need to do a complete attic restoration, which means:

  1. We vacuum out all soiled insulation.
  2. Then, we clean and decontaminate all surfaces.
  3. We spray a fogging mist through the contaminated area, which removes all odors and leaves all surfaces smelling fresh and the air healthy to breathe.
  4. Oh, what a relief it will be when we finalize with a soft thick layer of blown-in insulation and an R-Factor of your choice, which will bring your heating and cooling costs in line with your budget.
Our Ashley Bat Removal Experts faced this mess insulation solied by bat guano.

This is an example of insulation soiled with bat guano. All of this had to be removed.

Our Ashley Bat Removal team entered an area of this attic filled with bat guano.

This attic had a massive bat infestation with guano everywhere which demanded care and attention to health.

A super large pile of bat guano.
This massive pile was below an enormous colony of bats that had infested this attic for a few years.
Our Ashley Attic Restoration team had a huge vacumming job in this attic. Guano everywhere.

The bat cleanup begins with vacuuming up all the soiled insulation and piles of bat guano.

Our Ashley Attic Restoration team made this attic clean like new.

This attic area was vacuumed, disinfected, then fogged to remove all odors. The air is now safe to breathe and the area has a fresh scent.

Our Ashley Attic Restoration team blew in some high R factor insulation.

Finally, new insulation with a high R factor was blown in to lessen the energy costs to heat and cool this building.


There are so many amazing aspects to bats and innumerable questions that we could never answer here but we’ll certainly try answering a few.

What bats will I find in my Ahsley Home?

Generally, the most abundant bat in Ohio is the Little Brown Bat, but Big Brown Bats also roost in Ohio homes. It’s not unusual for the Little and Big to roost together in the same building.

How often do bats eat?

A single bat can eat up to 500 insects an hour or 3,000 insects in a night fly. A colony of 50 little brown bats, the most plentiful bat species in Ohio, can consume more than 125,00 mosquitoes and other small insects during its night feedings.

How much does a bat removal cost in Ohio?
That’s a difficult question to answer unless we can access your situation. Removing a bat can range between $200 and $700.

Small to medium-sized bat colony costs can range from $300 to $8,000 for removal and exclusion.

Often you may need to remove guano for an additional $600 to $8,500 depending on the size of your home, the colony, and how much damage they created.

Our initial inspection ranges from $200 to $300 but gets credited towards any other fees.

Can bats be removed if there are babies with them?

A bat maternity colony of bats is a group of female bats that gather to birth babies and nurse their young. A female bat gives birth to one pup at a time. 

Ohio laws protect flightless baby bats between May 16 to July 31 when maternity colonies form, and we cannot perform an exclusion of a maternity colony between those dates.

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